OFC Learn is for everyone involved in Football who wants to further develop their knowledge, skills and positive impact on the game.

Footballer on laptop

Be part of a learning community

For all who support the game


Progressive Coach Education and certification for all levels


Learn about officiating at all levels in all forms of the game


Education and continued Professional Development Opportunities


Learning and support for administration volunteers and staff

OFC’s overall goal is to qualify two teams at the FIFA World Cup in 2026 and 2027. A major contribution to this is football development and at the core of this is education and capacity building.

Equipping our people and communities with online learning is very significant with the launch of OFC Learn and we are expanding these educational components to other fields that involve corporate and administration resources,

Our overall reach will expand too, not only targeting learning communities in Oceania but across the world.

OFC Learn will be instrumental in creating a community of learning that develops people’s knowledge, skills, confidence and ability to help others.

OFC Learn will not only have an impact on those participating in courses but will have a ripple effect through the entire Oceania region, seeing football go from strength to strength on this side of the world.

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